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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Soooo here's the first post of a new season starting, the first of many posts in Hood Crew Media's 10'11 BLOGSPOT BRAAAPP!!
Summer was amazing this year, moved into a sick govy cabin on Meldrum street for 3 straight months with plenty of former hood bredrens's that are making their way to Salt Lake, Bozeman, and even AUSTRIA! It was great, met so many amazing people and shredded the nonstop sun we had in all of July and August. Here are some photos/edits from our AWESOME SUMMER

Heres an epic edit from our boy FOSTER AKA FORESTER MEEKS!!! reppin that hood crew all the way in CHI CITY! holla at dat high grade

forster summer '10 from Danny Schwartz on Vimeo.

Keepin it gypsie, hesh and surface you know what it is!!! Ill be gettin this fool from the Portland International Airport in January once we get our highschool DIPLOMA'S CHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCH
And you know we always keepin it chuuch in the forests of E WOK, gypsie trinkets and crack rocks best watch yo self up in them streeeets!!!!

Alex Kollar is someone you best be watchin out for, not only does he murder but he gets absolutely fucking wreckless on and off the snowboard, watch out this kids hes a fuckin gypsie that does not give a FUCK

Quick sneek peak summer edit from moi

AND Brigg's King of Style Edit, if this sheit would have been put out earlier this negga would have a chance!!! KIDS ON FAYAAAA occasionally SMOKES STRAIT CRACK ROCKS WHILE SKIING!!! WATCH OUT

You cant ever forget about that pure cocaine columbian steez that chuuuuch MATT TURNER is bringin to the game, get up and get down wit dat BOOOGIE!!!!!

c'mon get down from The Hood Crew on Vimeo.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010


SOOO I was bored in digital video class, what else was I gonna do besides make a stocked banger edit of the Winterfest Weekend we spent in DA GUDDA known as Bend. Shredded with lots of homies and Winterfest was nothing less than sketchy, a 30 foot BOOOTER (syke) and a tranny finder landing, but on the other hand Bachelors parks still really fun so it made up for everything. Heres the edit!!

And since we havent posted this super sick edit Danny made for GUZ here it is too, STRAIGHT BANGERS from the Hood crew allllll day!!

Wait till tommorow or later this week for some fresh new edits from T Line and ABOUTS!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Sooo about a week ago I had to bust out an interview for my Digital video class @ cool schoolio lincoln. I chose to interview with one of the most epic shredders to watch known as Daniel Schwartz. He loves to get as wreckless as he can on the Montagne and comes of the MT with not a minute to spare on getting more raw. His lifestyle captivates other peoples lifestyles and he never stops, at any will he will GET THE SHOT wether hes filming it or doin the shkiing. Here it is, the one video that captures it all, the INTERVIEW WITH DANNY SCHWARTZ!!!!

Then lately weve been keepin it really mellow on droppin edits.... SYKE but for real were going to conserve the majority of Bangers in our footy for our 09/10 project known as the first ever FULL LENGTH HOOD CREW MEDIA MOVIE!!! Were well on our way to having way more than enough footy to put together a movie with full segment banger parts for alot of up and comers out here in gool' ol OREGON. Anyway now that ive told you why I havent been updating this blog, its time to post some sick new sheeeeit!!!
Heres our ILLEST Edit entry - somehow we got shafted and didnt get top 5, hopefully it was just cause we somehow didnt get entered in, if not then the judging was terrible.

And last weekend we went out to Bachelor for some fun in the sun, the park was perfect and the jumps are prime as can be!!! Whoever hasent been out there this spring yet needs to make their way out there because the park is pappin off @ Bach, super sick rails and big fun jumps that outsize anything ive hit pretty much all season. Saturday we hiked a bunch of rails after the lifts closed and mocked some laps, sunday we pretty much filled up a whole tape

AND heres an edit Danny made for me, a little stoke for Joining 9thward Skis if you havent seen it yet.

Welcome to NINTHWARD - Ski Videos - Skiing's Online Community -

Wait till you see the whole edit, all I can say is 1 shot literally blew my mind and is pretty much the single most sick shot ive ever seen (Lucas W), soo bee ready to peep the wrecklessness of how slayed bachelors park got, and tommorrow should be sunny and perfect for some sick filming and photog! Ill post some sick photos once im done shredding tmrw, Jah bless the day after 4/21 !!! R.I.P. GURU FROM GANGSTARR, YOU WILL FOREVER BE REMEMBERED

Friday, March 5, 2010


HOOD is pappin, parks are dope and heres a photoshop to get you pscyhed

AND heres our Meadows film festival entry

peep it, be @ Meadows on Saturday aka tmrw from 4-6 for the film festival, its gonna be epic and lots of sick edits and videos to be watched.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Jah know you must pace yourself before you see the epic proportions of this edit. Here it is The hood crew's T-Line DEC-JAN edit, Bachelor edit still to come out and some other little projects im making, and the meadows film festival edit still to come. T-lines park is looking better than ever so its about to time to shred there this week/weekend, gots ta be ready for the SHRED!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pow and Sun on Summit

TRE SQUAD bangin out another sick edit with Lucas Wachs and Max Warbington gettin dirts mcgirts on Summit at Bachelor

Courtesy of

Droppin some epic cliffs and gettin nasty on the cone, later today Danny will be done with THC's T line edit with bangers galore and lots of funny shots while im editing a Winterfest/Bachelor day edit and it also will be droppin soon. Keep posted for some more gnar gnar edits pappin off!!!! ALL DAY

Monday, February 8, 2010



On Sunday Me and Michael made our way up to T Line for fusion series slopestyle, it was wack with 3 back to back 20 foot jumps!!! SUch a sick slopestyle course, along with way to many competitors equals a huckfest of all proportions, let alone judges that dont notice spinning both ways, Mt Hood these days is totally awesome! But stokes are in the future at T line with Paintbrush's 3 line getting sized up for the better, I dont want to get too stoked but hopefully they are sick. This Friday/Saturday is WINTERFEST, a comp of epic proportions and this year getting even more ridiculous. Word on the streets is that theres suppose to be a 40 foot icer air style jump setup, which is about to be gnarly into a huge wallride then into a couple rails, dont know if its completely true but wouldnt be suprised if they stepped it up a notch from last years huckfest on that 20 foot jump.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


AHHH We got some fresh edits being pumped out as we speak, this being a little late but still very very HOOOOD!!!! all filmed in Oregon and everyone reading this better be ready for the epicness of the DECEMBER edit once it drops, keep posted !!! Skiing featuring guz reister, pat dailey, michael briggs, brian spere, mychal foerster, danny schwartz, collin wright, joey vandermeer, tanner boudreau, kevin lund, lucas wachs, max warbington, and kevin schnell

and below here where i write, is a link to the worlds most epic edit anyone will ever lie their eyes on to see, Tre squad cant set the bar any higher than what this edit has set it at, minds are blown while watching this so be prepared. I would embed the video but it wont let me for some reason, probably because its so gnarly and it shouldnt be allowed.

The Tre squad vimeo account is full of banger edits, so check em all out

And last but not least, is a video of this crazy lizard that shoots blood out of its eyes when its being attacked or maybe when its trying to catch prey but i doubt that, anyway shits crazy so peep it